Life lessons

av den 7. oktober 2013

I’ve learned that I’m not one to ask questions
unless it’s based on schoolwork and books,
and I also don’t
because I’ve learned to understand
through the quiet.
I’ve learned to not say a word
about the cruelty of my past
and besides, on one likes a girl that’s got
scars on her arms and thighs.
I’ve learned that we’re all different
and we choose different paths
based on our thoughts and the pressure of society.
Still, I never thought you would end up
in a back alley with the «bad boys»
smoking and poking away your memory and respect
At least I let you go before you could hurt me anymore.
And I’ve learned that I’m better off alone
hiding my tears away in pillows and songs
because no one wants to see
desperate little me
wander the streets
with a fake smile and high heels.

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  1. Ida N Kristiansen
    Ida N Kristiansen · 8. oktober 2013

    Fortsett å skrive! Det kan være en fin måte å lette på trykket når man, som du sier «wander the streets with a fake smile and high heels». Kjenner meg igjen…

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