Christmas Evening

av den 20. desember 2013

Finaly the day is here. The day I have been waiting for for so long. I can’t describe the feeling in my tummy. But it feels like it is going to explode , with butterflys coming out. I couldn’t wait till church was over and the evening is coming. Then, when it’s time, the Christmas evening can begin.
But I didn’t know that my faith was going to go away.

It’s today. It’s today. I jumped out of bed and ran in to mum and dad. They were still sleeping. How could they sleen today? This day is the best day ever. Better than birthdays or any other holiday. It’s Christmas. Every childs dream day. I jumped up in mum and dads bed and jumped while I sang a Christmas carol out loud. I finally woke them and made funny «wake-up»-sounds. The only other sound they made was «Stop».
– Wake up. Wake up. Wake up, I repeated again and again.
– Guess what day it is! It’s Christmas. We have to get ready for church and make dinner and all that stuff. Now! I screamed the last part in joy. Mum started to get up and get dressed, but dad didn’t move. I made him move.
– Honey, don’t jump on daddy. He’ll wake up soon, mum said with a sleepy voice. I jumped down from the bed and ran downstairs to the living-room and right to the tree. I wanted to open the presents or at least one, so I put on the «puppy-face» and walked back up to mum. She couldn’t resist the face so I got to open a little one, cause I had to save the biggest ones for later. When we were done eating breakfast, we got dressed and went to church. I love church. It’s all white, bright and pretty with all the windows. I love to sing along to the songs, even though I didn’t know the lyrics. I even got to put money in the «money-collector». Back home I played with my new toy while mum made the food and dad sat in the sofa, watching football like always.

«Ding-Dong». It came from the door. I ran over to see who it was. I’m quite small, so I couldn’t reach the doorhandle.
– Let me open it, dad said. When he did that, I saw a stranger. I felt afraid and grabbed my fathers leg in a weak attempt to hold him back. I heard mum’s voice asking who it was and, even though he winked at the strange man in the door, dad answer that it was just a salesman and said «no thanks» before he closed the door. Now I was really afraid, and wanted to ask dad who the man was and what he was doing here.

– Who was that, dad? I asked.
– No one you need to worry about, he answered indifferent.
– I saw you winking at him. I’m seven, not four, I said angrily. Dad just laughed and went back to the football. I went back to play with my toy. I saw dad walking into the kitchen and talking to mum, but I couldn’t make out the words. The door rang again, but I didn’t go to it this time. Mum did. This time grandma and grandpa came. I ran over to hug them.
– Hi, grandma. Hi, grandpa.
– Hello, honey, they answered. I felt safe now.

We sat around the table and waited for mum to bring the food. When she did, we ate until we could burst. I was full after my second plate, but the grown-ups ate much more. They ate and talked. Boring.
– Are you done eating? I asked impatient.
– You have to wait, mum said softly.
– We grown-ups like to sit and talk, she continued.
-Do you now!? I thought sourly. Why do you have to waste my «unwrapping-prestents»-time? I hoped the boring part of the day would ends soon.
After we had opened some of the presents, the door rang again. I found a chair and ran to the door and used the chair to stand on, so that it was me who opened the door this time. I fell off when I saw who stood there.
– Ho ho ho! Are you OK?, a deep voice, much deeper than dads voice, asked jolly.
– Santa? I said in wonder. My body felt paralysed and he helped me to my feet. He didn’t let go until he was sure I could stand on my own. I screamed. My mum hurried to see if I was OK. I was screaming with joy. Santa was at our house.

I got so many cool stuff and no socks, that was the best part. Mum said I had to go to sleep, so I did it a bit unwilling. My dad tucked me in the duvet and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
– Go to sleep. You need it after all this exitment, he said and hugged me.
– OK. I love you, dad, I answered and he rose from the bed and over to my door.
– Dad?
– Yes? What is it?
– Who was that man at the door before? You know, the scary one? I asked.
– I told you. A salesman. He gives people stuff, dad said and turned off the lights and closed the door.
The sad thing is, that Christmas is over for today. The good thing is that it’s a new Christmas next year.

He gives people stuff? Gives people stuff? Santa? Santa plays  a salesman? The salesman played Santa? No Santa? No Santa!

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