av den 8. januar 2014

Much as we blamed ourselves, for the things we didn’t know about
And for never letting love settle in our hearts
We kissed that Georgia sky good night
And hoped for boys to wash us away

For just as much as 17 years can do
We still mistake God for the stars
In the great big sky
And for the loneliness we feel in our hearts

And the clouds that casts shadows
Over the fields we used to lie on
For we didn’t know where we belonged in this city
So we hid out with our dreams
And never wanted to look back

And we ate berries, and made straws with
All the different colors we found
And we breathed the cold air that the summer
Rain washed in on us

But we never though we would drown
Of the pictures of the boys we used to
Love, and tried to kiss

I feel like I’ve tasted more lips
That I have stars
And I wish my mother wouldn’t see
That my skin is engraved with all their names
By my thoughts
But then again
I always thought that I’d see them again

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