Ma life

av den 10. oktober 2015

An wonderful feeling
to live your life from a good girl role
who follow the limited rules, and be able to
fuck what the world says and just
hit the road with a bitchy attitude .
to bend some rules without any bastard trying to tell you about what’s right and wrong.
Be the one to make some crazy memories with your friends, and some awsome after-results.
And feel proud to tell anyone who care to lecture you about your style, that «your free!»
be a human who makes new rules and lives this one life to the fullest.
Be an angel and fly where your heart tells you to.
Be that one person who are feels happy and makes others happy.
Live your life like a boss and share your feelings.
Make other feel sleazy. never be a coward.
let yourselv rule your own world.
‪#‎Thats‬ why I’ll say: «who the hell are you to lecture me about how i should live my life?
no one right? If I’m acting like a dummy, so let me be a dummy. just get yourself a fucking life before you tell me anything.»
i know. harsh. very harsh .
such brave words, maybe slutty and cheap, or classy sexy…
who cares, just feed your ego more and more of your own style.
some people write the stories, and some people live them.
be frank. be a sanctimonious bitch.
haha, my fucked-up sense of humor in action.

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  1. pedro · 16. oktober 2015

    hei. herlig frekk og energisk tekst, full av gode råd og rebelsk holdning! hard og my på en gang, grei og tøff!

    skriver du alltid på engelsk eller skriver du på norsk av og til også?


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