Child in the Fire

av den 19. januar 2016

(Første utkast av en sangtekst jeg begynte på for en stund siden. Den er ikke akkurat

helt ferdig og jeg vet egentlig ikke om jeg kommer til å gjøre så veldig mye mer med den, 

men jeg poster den her, enn så lenge, så den ikke slukes av de andre notatene mine)

I’ve known this kid since before I knew who I was

I’ve seen him grow out of the frigthend bones I call home

Yeah, I’ve known this kid since before I knew where to go

Filled with the colours of heavenly stars, he’s about to explode

Unbeatable thirst, hungry eyes starts craving his soul

Yeah, I know this kid but I don’t know where he belongs

Afraid he’ll get lost if I leave him alone for too long

I’m not at all the kid they think I’m at home

It started out with one, but now there are many more

We’re not the same at all it would seem, everythings just a part of a scheme

I saw the truth unravel upfront in a dream

I know this flaming child much better then myself

I was pleased to meet you, guess this is farewall

Too many years I’ve spent, with my back to the present

Figured out who I was and what it all meant

Little strange one, full of life, I am inspired

We sure do look the same, you’re the one I admire

All along, my life, entire

I have always been the child in the fire

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