The great eagle

av den 31. januar 2016

The great eagle never landed

Lost in thoughts as the napalm ignite the skies

I’ve seen things you people would not belive

Memory fades, obscured by insanity’s glooming daze

The end of tomorrow would once again arrive to late

I will not forgive, I can not forget

The great eagle whom never landed

Spread your wings, I am bound within


A great eagle never landed

Floating on a monstrous story

Accelerating towards the vulgar, 

territorial ground of the subconscious mind

I’ve seen things you people would not belive

Watch the snake as it wriggles in pain,

for this world is so inhumane

please, please indigo children

We are all the same

All our men and all our women

please, please indigo children

 The great eagle refuse to land

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