To Lilith

av den 2. januar 2016

You could tell me anything

In the crystal ship saloon

You could tell me everything

And then fly me to the moon


I’m a dragon with a lusting fever

Went in through the outdoor

You know that I just had to leave her

She knew I would get back for more


Dear Lilith, until then

There’s a lonely fire in the rain

I’m back out on the streets again

That’s right

Don’t want to hold your wicked hand

Keep it for yourself, darling

Tell the hounds to keep on barking

Just the way I like it, darling


I’ve seen

The devil’s in the water

How you’ve been, old friend?

Look, he brought his daughter

We must sail across the dead ends


And you know

You could tell me anything

About the great unkonwn

Should have told you everything,


What’s gone is gone

2 kommentarer

  1. Sir. Timotheus
    Sir. Timotheus · 8. januar 2016

    Kontekst; En fengslende og nærmest romantisk samtale med den kvinnelige demonen «Lilith» som utspiller seg i den fiktive baren «The Crystal Ship» (The Doors referanse)

  2. pedro · 10. januar 2016

    kjempefint! både lillith-myten og krystallskipet er ting som interesserer meg! stilig tenkt!

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