Stimulating computer simulation

av den 25. februar 2016

Sometimes life’s hard to display

I’m trusting my mental decay

Pretentious daze

Universal migration

So goddamn lost in translation

I don’t know where to belong

Where have reality gone?

To be or not to be, am I alone?

In a world I might never know

Although, I once could feel

what I do belive is somewhat real

Not quite sure what it all means,

or if I’m wrong

and how to deal If I’ve been all along

Don’t know if I’m that strong

If I can go on

All day long

With this schizophrenia prolonged

And the friends I used to know

ain’t my friends no more

We’re at war, in my head

but I’ll try to ignore,

what these deamons have said

Chrome and lead, just go ahead

To me we’re already dead

Simulation interfered

This world is way too wierd

My biggest fear

Nothing’s quite as it would appear

As these

Smiling faces

look for these

Distant places

Deep blue oceans

with it’s water so clear

I question everything

Because I dare

to ask

And turn within

Take of your mask

Filthy machine

I know who you are

Humanly avatar

See the world

Through the lens of a






*Shutting down*





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