Strange Forces

av den 3. desember 2015

Rushing out of town

Where I’ll stop there’ll be no one around

I’m getting away, Son I am leaving

Today is the day and look who’s bleeding

You keep denying when lies start exceeding

Now, you’ve said you felt nothing

But darling there must be something

Her eyes are on fire, baby it ain’t worth your crying

Please stop with the whining

These days I sure do feel like dying


Passing through a box of silence

Carrying feelings that love the violence

Strange Forces

They’ll try to push me around

Strange Forces, knock me out until I drown


Listening to a tape recording

A thousand voices in the audience

I can feel the magic working

And it’s sorta like they’re flirting

Refill the ocean

With just a little more patience

Dreams are not as terrifying

These days I sure do feel like flying


Passing through this box of silence

With the feelings that need no guidance

Strange Forces

Always surrounded by these freaky diamonds

Strange Forces, I don’t need your violence



I felt a strange dream fading away

The sparks of angels, in my eyes decayed

Hold it, our time is over

Who took all the leftovers?

There’s no one left in this empty dancehall

I’ve missed my final curtain call


Strange forces

I’ve had my share of losses

Strange forces

Welcome to the ending process

Strange forces

I’m feeling quite strange today

Hello lightness, so long darkness

this might be the strangest entree

My troubels behind as I enter the change

I can’t do nothing but feeling strange

Snowflake Angel in a Coffee Shop

av den 21. november 2015

Lately, no one seems to find me

I’ve been walking across my mind

Travling around without making a sound

Delighted by the warmth of silence

This is my soft asylum


Blue coloured mountains

That’s where I hide

In these blue coloured mountains

is where I’ll hide

I fly towards the wasteland

Afraid and alone

when I fly towards the wasteland

In my mind I am shown


Drowning my sorrows in empty space,

Each night I was letting myself go to waste

Breakthrough and erase, unreasonable doubt

I can’t see your face and that’s when I’ll shout

Crying out your name

Howling with the pain

I am lost and I think that everyone’s insane


Lately, no one seemd to find me

Crowded streets and a coffee shop

I saw her snowflake hair and so my heartbeat stopped

At the end of the street there’s a coffee shop

I take a look inside, these dark ocean eyes

This little angel is crystallized

and then you flattered me with this innocent smile


Dearest angel in the window

Drag me out of these lonesome shadows

I’ve been lost and found

yet everyone’s insane


May I find you again sometime

If you promise me to look around

It’s such a strange love for me to conceive of

I guess catching feelings is a no

Cause you don’t even know

my insignificant, little, dumb name

and it seems like everyone’s just insane

it’s true

everyone’s insane, except you

Life: Press Start To Continue

av den 17. november 2015

If I told you I’d never thought about it

You would have to call me a liar


And I’ll tell you how my gun would fire

but I never really talk about it


Dreaming always help me linger

cause I’ll never really pull the trigger


So dark and willing once I awake

Seems I never learn from mistake


If I told you I’d never thought about it

You should know that I’m a liar


cause there is just one thing that I must admit

I am the afthermath of a misfire


Another day goes by in this fragile mind

When I’m obscured and blind,

by the devil inside

I see lightning strike and then hope will shine


So when you ask me why

I don’t fear my own death

and how love got me fighting

for my next breath


I will hold you tight

and caress your skin

This, for me, is when life begins








joda, jeg lever

av den 22. april 2015

tonene som sivet ut

av høyttaleren

rev litt i sjelen min

og røsket litt i hjerterøttene

så jeg kjente at


jeg lever fortsatt


av den 14. mars 2015


synger en svenske

ut av stereoanlegget mitt



tenker jeg


Det skulle varit du


Ja, tenker jeg

Det skulle vært deg

Det skulle vært meg


Jeg hadde min sjanse

antar jeg

uten at jeg helt var klar over det da

Nå når jeg ser deg

med henne

innser jeg at den tiden da vi så slik ut

må ha vært min sjanse


Nå er det hennes tur

jeg tar et skritt tilbake

lar henne slippe til


Det er jo bare rett og rimelig

jeg har jo hatt min sjanse


Så får det heller bare være

at hjertet mitt rives sakte ut

litt etter litt

hver gang jeg ser på deg

og du

ikke ser meg på samme måte som før



det er vel delvis min feil


Jeg stirrer opp i taket

lar musikken fylle opp


der hjertet mitt pleier å være


Jaja, sukker jeg



av den 27. juni 2014

Hun lytter til celloen
lytter til henne
og ut fra f-hullene
kommer to menneskers
første møte, hender
som møtes og
trekkes bort

dager som kommer
og dager som forsvinner

er vi, er vi ikke

noen venter, langt der borte,
roper celloens toner:

bli her, bli her