Stimulating computer simulation

av den 25. februar 2016

Sometimes life’s hard to display

I’m trusting my mental decay

Pretentious daze

Universal migration

So goddamn lost in translation

I don’t know where to belong

Where have reality gone?

To be or not to be, am I alone?

In a world I might never know

Although, I once could feel

what I do belive is somewhat real

Not quite sure what it all means,

or if I’m wrong

and how to deal If I’ve been all along

Don’t know if I’m that strong

If I can go on

All day long

With this schizophrenia prolonged

And the friends I used to know

ain’t my friends no more

We’re at war, in my head

but I’ll try to ignore,

what these deamons have said

Chrome and lead, just go ahead

To me we’re already dead

Simulation interfered

This world is way too wierd

My biggest fear

Nothing’s quite as it would appear

As these

Smiling faces

look for these

Distant places

Deep blue oceans

with it’s water so clear

I question everything

Because I dare

to ask

And turn within

Take of your mask

Filthy machine

I know who you are

Humanly avatar

See the world

Through the lens of a






*Shutting down*





Child in the Fire

av den 19. januar 2016

(Første utkast av en sangtekst jeg begynte på for en stund siden. Den er ikke akkurat

helt ferdig og jeg vet egentlig ikke om jeg kommer til å gjøre så veldig mye mer med den, 

men jeg poster den her, enn så lenge, så den ikke slukes av de andre notatene mine)

I’ve known this kid since before I knew who I was

I’ve seen him grow out of the frigthend bones I call home

Yeah, I’ve known this kid since before I knew where to go

Filled with the colours of heavenly stars, he’s about to explode

Unbeatable thirst, hungry eyes starts craving his soul

Yeah, I know this kid but I don’t know where he belongs

Afraid he’ll get lost if I leave him alone for too long

I’m not at all the kid they think I’m at home

It started out with one, but now there are many more

We’re not the same at all it would seem, everythings just a part of a scheme

I saw the truth unravel upfront in a dream

I know this flaming child much better then myself

I was pleased to meet you, guess this is farewall

Too many years I’ve spent, with my back to the present

Figured out who I was and what it all meant

Little strange one, full of life, I am inspired

We sure do look the same, you’re the one I admire

All along, my life, entire

I have always been the child in the fire


av den 8. januar 2016

Conversation with a mirror

Monkeys asking questions

The underfed are starving

Can’t see my own reflection


We’re searching for the answers

They want their lusting freedom

Prison guards and actors

Who are we to look for now?


Animal behavior

and the long forgotten truths

Where’s the human savior

Return to natures roots


Intellectual beings

In the shadows of the beast

We look for the horisant

The earth is threatened by a preist

To Lilith

av den 2. januar 2016

You could tell me anything

In the crystal ship saloon

You could tell me everything

And then fly me to the moon


I’m a dragon with a lusting fever

Went in through the outdoor

You know that I just had to leave her

She knew I would get back for more


Dear Lilith, until then

There’s a lonely fire in the rain

I’m back out on the streets again

That’s right

Don’t want to hold your wicked hand

Keep it for yourself, darling

Tell the hounds to keep on barking

Just the way I like it, darling


I’ve seen

The devil’s in the water

How you’ve been, old friend?

Look, he brought his daughter

We must sail across the dead ends


And you know

You could tell me anything

About the great unkonwn

Should have told you everything,


What’s gone is gone

Chained to a Dream

av den 18. desember 2015

Above the earth in some ways

Laughter from within a cave

Hours turns into days

Prosperous dream, I am a slave


I was free to run the earth

When life had just begun

Inaccessible dreams gave birth

Forever trapped underneath the sun


 Chasing holy legends

On a journey through the fire

Life applied it’s weapons

and filled me with desire


Reaching out for nothing

Can’t find the choosen path

If I’ll wake up in the morning

Will I feel the sour wrath?


Lost dreams become obsessive

Frightened of what’s not

Where’s my silver lining

In the memories I forgot

La meg sove, vonde pute

av den 3. desember 2015

I think my pillow just started breathing

Why won’t you let me go to sleep

All night it keeps on screaming

Troubeld mind, you’ll drag med deep


Each time I lay my head to rest,

she doesn’t want to fade away

Our love is dead and I’m to blame,

the past continues to replay

It seems I won’t be falling asleep

Regrets and despair are all floating beneath


When I’m done with you, at least we’re over

But when in need l’ll bring you closer

Emptiness starts getting louder,

Afraid I’m just a lonely coward


Everything I have always wanted to be

av den 25. mars 2015

I walk through the graveyard
towards my grandmother’s grave,
remembering her outlived, wrinkled hands
in mine, while sitting on her lap, trying
not to forget this moment, as it is
one of the dearest memories I have
with her, only five years, I have
almost forgotten:

84 years old, lying in bed
at the hospital, with hoses
everywhere, thinking about
her long-lived life

being brave, her being everything
I have always wanted to be:
the girl who outlives them all,
the girl who will always win
the hard battles in life,
getting through struggles,

still being iron